I would speak of that which is in me to believe knowing that any response in thought, word, or even deed is apt to be negative.
     In the days before the rise of democracy and republics royalty and nobility made slaves of their own people. In God's Old Testament book enslaving one's own people was a crime, even punishable by death. According to that book an Israeli man was not to rule over another Israeli with rigor. If an Israeli man sold another Israeli man into slavery he was to be put to death.
     Yet, the established church justified the medieval system by which elites made slaves of their own people. And in abusing scripture verse or verses in effect even made gods out of kings. If a man did not obey the king, right or wrong, that man was guilty of disobedience to God. Thus making an idol, a god, out of a king. This teaching has even been given a name. It's been called the doctrine of the divine right of kings.
     Based on what I believe is a fair take of the scriptures I believe that God's idea of justice this world wise is every man under his own vine and fig tree (his own land). In the medieval days the kings, nobility, and established church saw to it that that did not happen. Even though Jesus did say that if we are unfaithful, untrue in the things pertaining to this world who shall commit unto us the true riches; that obviously did not matter to them.
     Today, and for a long time now, the kings, nobility, and the authority in the world of an established church have been supplanted by other entities. Today, it is the bank-man,the rent-man, and the pagan priesthood of pagan idol republic and pagan idol democracy. Through these practices and mediums men are still enslaving their own peoples. And if any practitioners of these things consciences are bothering them why they can go to just about any preacher they wish and have their consciences assuaged by convenient interpretations of scripture. Many commercial corporations get on board the conformity bandwagon in order to gloat over their workers and their millions, if not billions of dollars, while they strive to continually drive down even lower their slave wages to them.
     If these things be true (and I believe they are); if justice is important to God; if every person shall give account to God for how they have dealt with the things pertaining to this life; then there are an awful lot of people who have got a lot to be ashamed for; who have been willfully ignorant a whole lifetime long.
     But no. That would be too hard. They have a better answer. All this aforementioned stuff simply ain't true. That settles that.
     But I say this. This aforementioned stuff is true. And those who  continually stop their ears at the cry of truth will one day find themselves haunted by it. Even if God has to one day pull them up out of their graves to give them according as they have sown.
     Once saved always saved. But if you abuse that grace it will be as it were by fire. (1 Corinthians chapter 3)